We See Through A Mirror Darkly

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Lifting in Lent

With the title “Lifting in Lent,” you’re likely expecting a solid workout plan paired with the Lenten fast. Well here it is: Five sets of lifting a box of Books of Common Prayer while repeating the Commandments in their entirety as God wrote them in the Good Book, none of this abbreviated nonsense (brah, do…



I travel the old ways I am the Remembrancer. The forest knows me Hostile on my way. My steps are measured Meted three by thirteen. The phantoms cry out Hunger in their grasp. Words I repeat cast Silence on the spirits. The old path is worn But seldom traveled. Tread softly this way Remove thy…


Bodybuilding in Exile

When I first began writing this column, we were in the midst of quarantine. The “14 days to flatten the curve” gradually crept into month one or two and I began wondering how to sanctify the time during days spent between Zoom calls and homeschooling. However, each week and frankly each month, I managed to…


The Multivocational Life

The Anglican Church in North America has always embraced planting missions across the continent. Archbishop Robert Duncan began his tenure pressing the Anglican 1000 initiative, with the goal of planting 1,000 parishes within ten years. Archbishop Foley Beach took up the mantle with his Always Forward initiative and now Presiding Bishop Ray Sutton (Reformed Episcopal…


Monastics, Every One of Us

In the midst of life we are in death; of whom may we seek for help, but you, O Lord, who for our sins are justly displeased? The Committal, ACNA Book of Common Prayer, 2019, page 260 The selected quote may also be found in the Anthem to the Holy Saturday service, on page 579…


Ministers, Be Prepared

St. Paul commended Timothy to always preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Timothy was discipled by his master to constantly and vigilantly be prepared to teach the Word of God regardless the season, the circumstance, and the adversity.


Common Authority in the Midst of Uncommon Prayer

The advent of the ACNA 2019 Book of Common Prayer raises an important question: what authority does it have in comparison with the other historic Books of Common Prayer? After all, the 1979 Episcopal Book of Common Prayer varies from the 1928 Book of Common Prayer not merely in liturgical form but also in doctrine…


Anglican Links of Interest 7.22.19

In the latest Miserable Offenders Episode, yours truly mentioned the need for Anglicans to be disciplined by the prayer book and to take up the rule of life it requires. Also, I mentioned in a past post on Through A Mirror Darkly how the 2019 ACNA BCP does not require fasting or abstinence but merely…

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