Would C. S. Lewis Own a Smartphone?

I recently gave a talk at a local coffee shop on “C. S. Lewis and a Posthuman Future.” My aim was to engage some of the themes in the philosophical movement called transhumanism with the prescient observations of the great Oxford Don. During the Q&A afterward, one sharp member of the audience asked, “Do you…


Book Review: “Defending Sin”

Defending Sin: A Response to the Challenges of Evolution and the Natural Sciences. By Hans Madueme. Grand Rapids: Baker Academic, 2024. 368 pp. $61.53 (hardcover), $29.99 (paper). For many years now, Christians who aspire to be thoughtful and informed have sought to emphasize the harmonious consistency of Christianity and science. On this perspective, conflicts between…

The prophets Hosea and Jonah. Drawing by Raphael.


Remain with me. I do not choose you less For knowing long your wiles and waywardness. Be rooted with me, planted side by side, Though blighted fruit and thorns be multiplied. Rest with me, while the desert wastes increase, The garden fails, the vine and fig tree cease: Do not depart, although shame and distress…


Confronting William G. Witt’s “Icons of Christ”

In his tome Icons of Christ, William G Witt compiles a great list of arguments against Christian priestesses and sets out to refute them all. Reviewing this book has recently become considerably easier, because Witt has declared what he believes is the most important part of his book. He did this because another reviewer for…


Book Review: “House of 49 Doors”

House of 49 Doors: Entries in a Life. By Laurie Klein. Eugene, OR: Cascade Books, 2024. 114 pp. $14.00 (paper). The prospect of entering a house ranged with 49 doors might seem perplexing, if not daunting, to the most intrepid explorer. One may expect that these primary architectural markers imply a grandiose construction that will…


Divorce and Remarriage

Jared Lovell’s and River Devereux’s calls to restore marriage to its traditional definition as a truly indissoluble union are welcome in our era of counterfeit love and frequent separation. However, their cases are incomplete and leave several questions unanswered: when to consider a marriage valid or invalid, the meaning of the Matthean exception, and how…


Anglicanism: Apprenticeship to the Carpenter King

This essay was written for and previously submitted to Cranmer Theological House seminary. *** In his response to Sinclair Ferguson’s essay on sanctification, “The Reformed View,” Lutheran theologian Gerhard O. Forde makes an astute distinction between the ability to well define sanctification and to well practice it. Says Forde, “The description may be quite true,…


St. Irenaeus: “Against Heresies” For Practical Bible Study

As the church commemorates St. Irenaeus on June 28th, this is a particularly meet time to receive his counsel on how wisely to approach Scripture and to respond to mysteries we do not understand. —— A student deciding to tackle Irenaeus’ Against Heresies can be forgiven if before long he skims and skips, for Irenaeus…


Trinitytide, An Evensong

Evening comes late, yet even the darkened earth refuses to shake off the moist heat hanging over the backyard. It is as though the Lord has spread a warm wool blanket over the earth and all His creatures. Even the oppressive heat of the day cannot remove our enlightened spirits as we pray evening prayer….

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