Pursuing an Anglican Identity

I’m new to Anglicanism. I journeyed on the Canterbury trail along with many recent pilgrims from my Baptist homeland. Sometimes, this fact makes me self-conscious. Was I young, restless, and Reformed because it was cool then? And now that liturgy is cool, I’m Anglican? The question does not bother me enough to keep me up…

Book Review: “Anglicanism”

Anglicanism: The Thought and Practice of the Church of England, Illustrated from the Religious Literature of the Seventeenth Century. Edited by Paul Elmer More and Frank Leslie Cross. Cambridge, UK: James Clarke & Co., 2009. 610 pp. $49.13 (paper). In a video titled “Why I Am Not Anglican,” Lutheran pastor and author Dr. Jordan B….

Summer Afternoon

Above our house an ancient maple spreads Its branches wide to shade in shadow all That falls below: Perennials in reds And blues and, wearing muted greens, a small But stubborn bed of hostas which we’ve done Our careless best to kill through sad neglect. A hum of bees floats lazy in the sun. Loud…

Bishop Joseph Hall’s Defense of the Unborn

A debate currently rages about when evangelicals took up their pro-life position on abortion. The ‘when’ matters in part for how it might answer ‘why’ they did so. Thus, a number of pro-choice advocates have accused evangelicals of only opposing abortion in the period after Roe v. Wade and as a backlash to women’s rights….

Assurance in the Prayer Book

A few months ago, with a measure of frustration, I observed a social media debate between two Anglicans, one of whom is a staunch Calvinist, and one of whom is a staunch Arminian. As is typical in such debates, the main issue was whether or not one could every truly know if one is saved….

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