The North American Anglican exists to glorify Christ and to serve the people of his Church. We hope to provide a resource and forum for proclaiming and discussing those Evangelical and Catholic truths, which find their home in historic Anglican theology.

Regular contributors share a commitment to the supreme authority of sacred scripture in matters of faith and morals. They also gladly affirm the 39 Articles of Religion and the historic Book of Common Prayer, as authoritative norms and standards for authentic Anglican faith and piety.

Our desire is to participate in and curate a renaissance of both Christian theology and the arts. Keeping in focus a special emphasis on the many historic contributions that the Anglican tradition has made and continues to make, in the realm of beauty in worship and in daily life.

To these ends you will find contributions from clergyman and layperson, scholar and homemaker, Anglican theologian and kindred members of other branches of Christ’s Church. We hope you’ll enjoy what others have offered here, and consider making your own contribution to our cause. Join us as we celebrate the richness of our Christian heritage, and seek to faithfully proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ’s death and resurrection to a generation that desperately needs Him.

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