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  1. July 29, 2020 @ 1:12 pm Lorna Tatomir

    A very insightful article by Father Lee Nelson. Have you discovered a wonderful Artist and Contemplative Anglican Victorian named Lillas Trotter, she has some art and thought that would look great in your poet’s corner. You might also want to include a couple of Canadians Ron Dart (Anglican ) or Brad Jersak ( Orthodox ) who have some interesting and fresh Canadian views.


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An Homily Concerning the Nativity

AN HOMILY OR SERMON CONCERNING THE NATIVITY AND BIRTH OF OUR SAVIOUR JESUS CHRIST Among all the creatures that God made in the beginning of the world most excellent and wonderful in their kind, there was none, as Scripture beareth witness, to be compared almost in any point unto man; who, as well in body…

An Homily Concerning Prayer Part III

The Third Part of the Homily of Prayer Ye were taught in the other part of this Sermon, unto whom ye ought to direct your prayers in time of need and necessity, that is to wit, not unto angels or saints, but unto the eternal and everliving God: who, because he is merciful, is always…

An Homily Concerning Prayer Part II

The Second Part of the Homily Concerning Prayer In the first part of this Sermon ye heard the great necessity, and also the great force, of devout and earnest prayer declared and proved unto you, both by divers weighty testimonies, and also by sundry good examples of holy Scripture. Now shall you learn whom you…

An Homily of Common Prayer and Sacraments

An Homily Wherein is Declared that Common Prayer and Sacraments Ought to be Ministered in a Tongue that is Understanded of the Hearers Among the manifold exercises of God’s people, dear Christians there is none more necessary for all estates and at all times than is Public Prayer and the due use of Sacraments. For…

An Homily Concerning Prayer Part I

An Homily or Sermon Concerning Prayer THERE is nothing in all man’s life, well beloved in our Saviour Christ, so needful to be spoken of, and daily to be called upon, as hearty, zealous, and devout prayer; the necessity whereof is so great, that without it nothing may be well obtained at God’s hand. For,…

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