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Confronting William G. Witt’s “Icons of Christ”

In his tome Icons of Christ, William G Witt compiles a great list of arguments against Christian priestesses and sets out to refute them all. Reviewing this book has recently become considerably easier, because Witt has declared what he believes is the most important part of his book. He did this because another reviewer for…


Divorce and Remarriage

Jared Lovell’s and River Devereux’s calls to restore marriage to its traditional definition as a truly indissoluble union are welcome in our era of counterfeit love and frequent separation. However, their cases are incomplete and leave several questions unanswered: when to consider a marriage valid or invalid, the meaning of the Matthean exception, and how…


Calling for full communion within the Anglican Church in North America

Resolution from the Standing Committee of the Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth (ACNA) calling for full communion within the Anglican Church in North America I found it necessary to write appealing to you to contend for the faith which was once for all delivered to the saints.” (Jude 1:3) At the formation of the Anglican…


Holy Orders in the ACNA: A Public Appeal to the College of Bishops of the ACNA

If you want to sign this appeal, please visit The Augustine Appeal. The Augustine Appeal As the College of Bishops prepares to elect a new Archbishop, we celebrate with gratitude the 15th anniversary of the Anglican Church in North America, recognizing the Province’s steadfast commitment to orthodox Anglicanism and gospel mission. While we are hopeful…


Fenestra Allegoriae: Allegory As A Window to Reality

Whenever we hear the word “allegorical” we tend to associate it with fanciful and wistful ideas separated from reality. We tend to think allegory must mean the literal words are now abstracted into some chaotic world where meaning becomes subjective and order is left behind. There is a valid criticism that much of what gets…


The Baptist Sacrament

I read Mere Orthodoxy’s “The Case for Baptist Anglicans” with great interest as an Anglican pastor in North Texas where the Baptist faith is the dominant religion. Accompanying Christians who have been catechized as Baptist is a core part of the job which I consider a privilege, having grown up Southern Baptist myself. The ecumenical…


Credobaptism and Anglicanism

In a recent article for Mere Orthodoxy, Matthew Joss makes the case that the Anglican Church in North America should make ample room for so-called “credobaptists” (or just Baptists). In fact, he takes the argument a step further, arguing that in many ways, Anglicanism has made such room. In doing so, he has written, with…


Queen of the Sciences: Recovering the Role of Theology in Classical Christian Education

  Introduction In 1947, Dorothy Sayers delivered an address at Oxford University articulating a vision for the future of education. She began by enumerating the challenges that educators of her day were facing, challenges that may resonate with eerie familiarity for modern educators: they were inundated with prodigious responsibilities, both administrative and academic, and students…


The Place of Scripture in the ACNA

This is an essay about the place of Scripture in the Anglican Church of North America (ACNA). The characterization of the ACNA in this paper comes from my own observation as a member of it and as a student at one of its more recognizable seminaries, Trinity School for Ministry. My observations probably say more…

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