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There Is No Traditionalist Liturgical Revival Happening—Yet

There is a very popular narrative you will hear among young Christians—that the millennial and zoomer generations have embarked on an effort to return the Christian Church to its former glory, overthrow the stagnant failures of contemporary Protestantism and vernacular Catholicism, and reaffirm the older ways of Traditional Christianity. They claim that there is a…

“Fare Forward”: The Influence of Christian Humanism on the Classical Christian Education Movement (Part 4 of 4)

IV. Classical Christian Education in the 21st century: A Radical Return to Christian Humanism Not long after Irving Babbitt’s death, the cataclysmic cultural shifts following two world wars encouraged influential writers and thinkers to take up, once again, the torch of humanism as a means to reform higher education. English writers like Eliot, Lewis and…

“Fare Forward”: The Influence of Christian Humanism on the Classical Christian Education Movement (Part 3 of 4)

III. Old and New Humanisms A. The Rise of Renaissance Humanism In order to understand the effects of humanism on the classical Christian curriculum being implemented in schools in 2023, one must examine the methods, texts, and program of study commended by Renaissance Humanist thinkers. Craig Kallendorf highlights the unique role that Renaissance humanism had…

Why Women’s Ordination Cannot be Tolerated

Introduction The error of women’s ordination has stalked, cursed, and haunted Anglicanism for nearly half a century and no matter where we go or what efforts we make to correct our wrongs, we cannot seem to fully rid ourselves of it. For many conservative Anglicans, women’s ordination is like the relative you cannot stand but…

Women and Men in Ministry

In 1970 the Episcopal Church USA eliminated the canon for deaconesses and included women in the canon on deacons. In 1976 its General Convention approved the ordination of women to both the diaconate and priesthood. Eastern Orthodox Churches and the Roman Catholic Church condemned both moves, protesting that these changes were made unilaterally and against…

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