Announcing Tracts for the Times 2.0

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In my first article for The North American Anglican, I envisioned a renewed traditional, Prayer-Book Anglicanism which I called “Tracts for the Times 2.0.” In retrospect, I see I equivocated in my meaning of the phrase, using it both to mean an actual set of Tracts and also a renewed movement in the Church akin to the Oxford Movement.

I’m still keenly interested in a renewal movement within traditional or classical Prayer-Book Anglicanism. But what I am now proposing in this article is an actual set of Tracts for the Times 2.0, a series of brief tracts explaining various essential aspects of classical Anglicanism. My hope for these Tracts is the following:

  1. To encourage and promote a renewed classical, Prayer-Book Anglicanism. I’m already encouraged by the large number of classical Anglicans I have met, either in person or on social media. I’m also amazed and invigorated by the serious work many of you are already doing. But we need to gather up the fragments and embody the divine synergy to which I referred in my previous article.
  2. To present with both depth and clarity essays on essential aspects of classical Anglicanism. Collectively, these will provide an accessible catechesis in classical Anglicanism. Individually, they will provide Prayer Book Anglicans with tracts they can share with others who seek to understand better classical Anglicanism.

I want to write these tracts in a methodical order and have outlined a progression of the first twenty or so and hope to proceed in approximately the following order (some of these topics will have more than one Tract written about them):
1. What is Anglicanism?
2. A Brief History of Anglicanism up to the seventh century (Synod of Whitby)
3. What is the Church?
4. Prayer Book Spirituality
5. The Three-fold Rule
6. Holy Living
7. The Sacraments
8. The Liturgy
9. Mystagogy

At some point in the series, I also want to recruit other writers to join me in this work (Edward Pusey wannabes who want to write 200-page tracts need not apply).

I will return shortly with the first Tract for the Times 2.0: “What is Anglicanism?”

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Charles Erlandson

Fr. Charles Erlandson served as rector of St. Chrysostom’s Reformed Episcopal Church in Hot Spring, Arkansas. In 2009, God called him back home to Tyler and Good Shepherd Church and School, to teach high school and serve as assistant rector. He teaches at Cranmer Theological House and is the Church History Department Head. Fr. Erlandson also writes a daily Bible devotional, available online or through e-mail subscription, called Give Us This Day. He has written several recent books: Orthodox Anglican Identity, Love Me, Love My Wife, and Take This Cup.

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  1. September 7, 2019 @ 10:20 am Hanna

    This is very exciting! I’m a former member of an ACNA church in Canada and now live in England as I’m doing a PhD on mystagogy in the early church. I’m very keen to keep an eye on what you come out with and perhaps I can have something to offer regarding the sacraments. God speed!


    • September 7, 2019 @ 6:17 pm Clinton Collister

      That’s great! Feel free to get in touch with Fr. Erlandson about the tracts or submit other essays through the regular channels. I’d love to hear more about your research.


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