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Blurb for “The Witness of Beauty”: Timon Cline

“These essays will be, at times, unsettling for the American Protestant reader. Defying (recent) conventional wisdom and trends, James Clark moves through wide-ranging considerations of politics and culture, including insights on everything from architecture to Thomas Aquinas to Christopher Nolan, drawing on influences from Plato to Cardinal Ratzinger to Rod Dreher. Most provocative is his…


Exerpt #4 From “The Witness of Beauty and Other Essays” by James Clark

  “There is never a situation in which we have no choice but to commit sin. God does not oblige us to break the very laws that are derived from His eternal Being, and those who teach otherwise, however well-intentioned their motives, are laying a grievous millstone on the necks of their listeners.” ~James Clark~…


Blurb for “The Witness of Beauty”: Charles Erlandson

“As the Church has become less influential and respected by the dominant culture in the twenty-first century, Christian thinkers have been pondering how the Church can continue to be the light of the world. In his collection of essays, The Witness of Beauty, James Clark offers a stimulating kaleidoscope of answers to this pressing question….


Blurb for “The Witness of Beauty”: Colin Redemer

“In The Witness of Beauty James Clark weighs in on several of the all-important debates surrounding Protestant political engagement in the 21st century, drawing from classical sources to level critical but fair arguments at his contemporary interlocutors. While he writes from an unashamedly Anglican perspective, this book is worth reading for everyone concerned with the…


Blurb for “The Witness of Beauty”: Andrew Davison

“James Clark’s The Witness of Beauty demonstrates the notable capacity of the Anglican tradition to renew and enliven theological thinking in North America in the present day. Aware that he and I take opposite views on some of the topics that divide us within our tradition ‒ topics addressed in this volume ‒ his book…


Feb 2: “Continuing the Conversation” Candlemas Evensong + Mr. Micah Lovell

In light of a recent article calling for “Mere Localism” in conferences and events, we present an exciting opportunity for people in the Scranton area. This event is hosted by Grace Anglican Church located in Scranton, PA. RSVP on Facebook here for more information. About the speaker: Mr. Lovell has previously taught and served as…


United in Orthodox Anglicanism: An Agreed Statement

United in Orthodox Anglicanism In the Anglican household of faith there exists profound agreement across evangelical and catholic lines. Likewise, Anglican Compass and The North American Anglican enjoy agreement of purpose according to our specific vocations. We the leaders of these respective ministries seek to provide a trustworthy resource for orthodox Anglicans, to remain faithful…


Proclaiming from the Rooftops: An Interview with Calvin Robinson

How did you discern a call to serve God as a priest and public witness in the Anglican tradition?   During my time as an undergrad and immediately afterward, I was leading a quite superficial, materialistic life in the industry. Living the pursuit of happiness, if you will. Making money, having fun, but not feeling…

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