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An Homily for the Days of Rogation Week Part II

In the former part of this Homily, good Christian people, I have declared to your contemplation the great goodness of Almighty God in the creation of this world with all the furniture thereof for the use and comfort of man, whereby we might the rather be moved to acknowledge our duty again to his Majesty….

An Homily for the Days of Rogation Week Part I

An Homily for the Days of Rogation Week. That All Good Things Cometh from God. I AM purposed this day, good devout Christian people, to declare unto you the most deserved praise and commendation of Almighty God; not only in consideration of the marvellous creation of this world, or for the conservation and governance thereof,…

What We’re Reading ‒ Summer 2021

Every so often, we here at The North American Anglican like to share with the world what we’ve been reading. Here are some of our summer reads! Canon Andrew Brashier, Contributor As It Is in Heaven, Fr. Paul A. F. Castellano Recently, I finished Fr. Paul Castellano’s work on liturgy, As It Is in Heaven,…

An Homily Concerning the Nativity

AN HOMILY OR SERMON CONCERNING THE NATIVITY AND BIRTH OF OUR SAVIOUR JESUS CHRIST Among all the creatures that God made in the beginning of the world most excellent and wonderful in their kind, there was none, as Scripture beareth witness, to be compared almost in any point unto man; who, as well in body…

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