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The Miserable Offenders are: Jesse Nigro, Andrew Brashier, and Isaac Rehberg


Anglican Family Prayer and Catechism

Today we’re answering a listener question on how to do traditional Anglican prayers as a family. “One of the dirty little secrets of Anglican family prayer and catechism is that none of us thinks we’re doing all that we should be doing.” ~Fr. Isaac Rehberg  Notes: ⁠A Faith for Generations: A Family Prayer Guide in…


Responding to Gillis Harp on Confessional Anglicanism

This week the virtual studio is FULL with all three Miserable Offenders present to discuss a recent article by Gillis Harp appearing at The Gospel Coalition. Dr. Harp urges Anglicans to stay true to their confessions, and while we all agreed with this premise we had plenty to discuss regarding Harp’s particular way of applying…


“On the Road” with Andrew Brashier

In this episode Jesse was able to catch Andrew on the road, driving his car to a meeting of the Jurisdiction of the Armed Forces and Chaplaincy. We took the opportunity afforded by the miles and the road to unpack Andrew’s spiritual journey with Christ into the Anglican ministry. Reach out to us! Andrew:…


Miserable Offenders: “God Save the King!”

In this episode, we discuss the recent coronation of King Charles III from an American and Anglican perspective. Did you watch the coronation? Have anything to say about this episode? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below!

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