Articles by The Revd. Canon Dr. Ben Sharpe

The Revd. Canon Dr. Ben Sharpe

The Revd. Dr. Ben Sharpe is a church planter, the Rector of Christ Church in Winston-Salem, NC, and Canon Missioner for West Virginia and Appalachia in the Anglican Diocese of Christ Our Hope, ACNA.


A Proposal: Purim Redux

The Book of Esther recounts a plan to commit genocide against the Jews during their time of exile under the reign of the Persian king, Ahasuerus. The plot was hatched by one of the King’s officials by the name of Haman, who had a profound loathing for the Jews and used the machinations of government to…


We Are not Called to Be Winsome

Remember way back to those halcyon days of “Neutral World?” Neutral World, as described by Aaron Renn in his recent First Things article, “The Three Worlds of Evangelicalism,” was the period of time spanning 1994 to 2014.[1] Renn maintains that during that period the broader culture was neither negative nor positive in relation to Christianity,…

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