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Kelsey Marie Bowse

Kelsey Marie Bowse is a writer from the metro-Detroit area. She studied Advertising and Philosophy at Loyola University Chicago. Her writing has appeared in Ekstasis Magazine, Christianity Today and in The Slumbering Host at Little Gidding Press.


Faithful to the Calling: An Interview with Artist, Sean Oswald

Sean Oswald started drawing when he was three years old. He kept a black, nylon easel under the bunk bed. His work brings beauty to light, in portraits and landscapes of real people and places. “I felt called to it [being an artist] from a very young age,” he said. His parents took him to…


What is Dating For?

Pope John Paul II’s teaching on the “Theology of the Body,” changed my perspective on dating and procreation. Prior to that, my experiences of dating in our hypersexualized culture, were marked by unmet expectations. Five years ago, I broke up with a nominal Christian who I lived with for six months. Soon after, an Anglican…

Photo of sketched dragon

Dragonlike Nature of Christ in the Incarnation

Metaphors of dragons to understand Christ’s humanity and divinity Compares to awareness of right hand Truth tied up in the Blessed Trinity Dragon could be destroying villages All the while human Junius lecturesHe’s oblivious to the destruction.We put God in a box with diligence And “natures don’t do stuff” he conjectures Emily draws the Yale…

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