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The Restoration

Sweet Peace’s Prince, who once I did exile
A traitor to my soul, has now returned
To regal Restoration; to beguile
My treachery, He chastised me, but spurned
Me not; with kinder loving word He yearned
To reconcile. My Parliament adjourned,
To yield consented, what excuse have I
To let my vices turn my soul awry?
Since Peace’s Prince, the Counselor, is nigh,
My soul’s Protectorate is overthrown,
Its feeble Sessions all have come to die;
A failure of resistance here was shown.
Let reign that King whose blood for I was shed,
And by His Spirit, towards virtue led.

Flickr photo courtesy of vg8383 via Flickr

Joshua Schantz

Joshua Schantz is a junior at the University of Michigan Flint campus, who is studying for a Bachelors in English. His hope is to become a professor of literature, particularly specializing in Renaissance literature. His poetry has appeared in Blackberry Winter. His favorite poets include John Donne and John Milton.

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