Articles by James Matthew Wilson

James Matthew Wilson

James Matthew Wilson is the author, most recently, of The River of the Immaculate Conception (Wiseblood, 2019). He serves as poetry editor for Modern Age magazine, series editor of Colosseum Books, and as director of the Colosseum Institute. He is associate professor of Humanities and Augustinian Traditions, at Villanova University.

The Weakness of Men

The story is that men are getting softer.They break down sobbing, hide a face beneathA towel, after they’ve been benched, as ifA private room of terry cloth could shutOut our contempt. They say that some men areAfraid to lift a phone, to call the drug storeAnd ask the hours of the pharmacy.They’ll sit there, sunk…

Every Morning He Hallowed Himself

While still a student, wandering abroad     But lodged in Dublin for the summer, I     Would pass, each day, through King Street with a sigh Dismissing all I couldn’t afford as fraud, And turn, at the butt-end of Grafton Street     To join the host of tourists on their way Beneath the Fusilier’s arch,…


On asking the philosophers,  What is the sun?, we get in answer, An angel perched; a heap of furze Some god has set ablaze; a burning   Iron that melts from sword to plow To spearhead with the seasons’ turning. And some wise soul guffaws at them   Or, condescending, calls it “poetry” To disbelieve…

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