Political Theology


Waiting for a King

It’s interesting how many Western legends include the tale of a sleeping hero: one who died – or perhaps only sleeps – and will return when he is needed the most. From Holger Dansk in Denmark, King Charlemagne in France and Germany, and of course Albion’s own King Arthur, the stories promise that the sleeping…


Book Review: “The Case for Christian Nationalism”

(Editor’s Note: recent concerns regarding this book are addressed here) The Case for Christian Nationalism. By Stephen Wolfe. Moscow, ID: Canon Press, 2022. 488 pp. $24.99 (paper). The contemporary effort to formulate an alternative political vision to liberal democracy has been underway for some time now. However, much of the constructive literature thus far has…

Anglicanism: A Better Christian Nationalism

Concerns over Christian nationalism have filled the pages of Christian blogs, journals, and magazines especially in the wake of Donald Trump’s unambiguous co-opting of Revivalist groups’ Christo-Americanism[1] for his political coalition. It seems undeniable that their movement is at best foolish and tacky, and, more likely, heretical. But does this mean that Christian nationalism is…

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