Articles by Jared Lovell

Jared Lovell is a deacon in the Reformed Episcopal Church serving Grace RE Church in Scranton, Pennsylvania. Jared is a classical educator, teaching European and American history at Memoria Press Online Academy, and is a teaching fellow at the Wayside School.

Exchanging Two Swords for Two Kingdoms

Reforming the Bright Ages   Social historian R.W. Southern defined the Middle Ages as “the period in Western European history when the church could reasonably claim to be the one true state, and when men acted on the assumption that the church had an overriding political authority.”[1] For most moderns, the Middle Ages provide a…

Toward a Confessional Anglicanism

Across the Anglican Communion, it is safe to say that the Thirty-Nine Articles have fallen into disuse. A general lack of familiarity among the laity and hesitancy to embrace, when not outright rejecting, the Articles among the clergy seems to characterize a growing number of Anglican churches in North America and throughout much of the…

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