Book Release: Clara’s Bees by Catharine Savage Brosman

We are excited to announce the release of Catharine Savage Brosman’s new collection of poems, Clara’s Bees, on our literary imprint, Little Gidding Press. In this expansive collection of poems, Catharine Savage Brosman surveys life in contemporary New York, wartime France, and medieval Europe. Along with imaginative scope, these poems attend to the particulars of persons such as Clara from the title poem, Catharine herself, saints, and soldiers. The maturity of Brosman’s voice allows her to easily shift between moving narrative, vivid images, and precise diction, maintaining a unity of purpose and vision throughout. Readers of the Poets’ Corner will recall Brosman’s skill and sensitivity in poems such as “Compiègne,” “Blue Heron by the Pond,” and “Saint John the Baptist.”

Brosman’s Clara’s Bees is an important collection from one of the most accomplished poets of her generation. It is the kind of book that speaks soul to soul, keeping the reader company.

“How restorative it is in our media-driven time to read CLARA’S BEES! Brosman’s fine sense of observation and equally fine sense of formulation compel us to live our lives with a new attentiveness. This book is a tonic, one not to be missed.”

-Peter Cooley, Director of Creative Writing Emeritus, Tulane University, Poetry Editor, CHRISTIANITY, AND LITERATURE.

“For nearly half a century now, Catharine Savage Brosman has been one of this country’s finest poets, not just because of her mastery of language and form, but also because of the courage to remain true to her traditionalist aesthetic while shunning literary trendiness for trinkets of celebrity. And throughout this latest distinguished collection, poems such as “Clara’s Bees,” “Blue Heron by the Pond,” and “Chrysanthemums” prove that she hasn’t missed a beat.”

-Claude Wilkinson, poet, essayist, and artist

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