Blurb for “The Witness of Beauty”: Timon Cline

“These essays will be, at times, unsettling for the American Protestant reader. Defying (recent) conventional wisdom and trends, James Clark moves through wide-ranging considerations of politics and culture, including insights on everything from architecture to Thomas Aquinas to Christopher Nolan, drawing on influences from Plato to Cardinal Ratzinger to Rod Dreher. Most provocative is his interrogation of the viability of natural law arguments in our present context. Rejecting all forms of emotivism, but appealing beyond rational polemics, Clark invokes beauty as the antidote, the witness, to our decidedly irrational milieu. The best weapon for Christians today is not better arguments but a better life, one that points to God through natural knowledge and a deliberate manifestation of beauty which bears its own verification. On this and much else, Clark flips the script, paradoxically clearing the way for natural law and Biblical ethics, properly situated.”

~Timon Cline, Editor-in-Chief, American Reformer~

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