Articles by Rev Dr Derrick Hassert

Curate, Saint Andrew’s Anglican Church in Tinley Park, IL., a parish of the Reformed Episcopal Church; Professor of Psychology, Trinity Christian College, Palos Heights, IL.

Vestments Matter

One of the hallmarks of many “nondenominational” denominations within the United States and Great Britain is the eschewing of any manner of distinctive clerical uniform or vesture when ordained ministers lead Christian worship. The rationale behind these abstentions is that such clothing sets the minister “apart from the people,” smacking of clericalism, unduly calling attention…

Holy Orders Within Anglicanism

OR…If Anglicans don’t have priests, nobody does   Archbishop Frederick Temple is not known as an original theologian or scholar. In fact, Frederick Temple is probably best known as the father of a future Archbishop of Canterbury, William Temple. However, one extremely important event occurred in 1896 while Frederick was Primate of all England: The…

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