Articles by Paul Erlandson

Paul Erlandson

Paul Erlandson is an automotive engineer by day. In his free time, he works at painting, and plays at poetry.


“IT IS ORDERED that the defendant be placed on probation, and the defendant  shall … not consume intoxicants at any time or any place, and not be present in a place  where the sale of alcohol is the major business.” I was most sad when they said unto me, Let’s go into the house where…

The Love of Churches

“He stopped and looked up, recognising the place as a church. The thought quickly came to him that since he was tired he might rest there; so that after a moment he had in turn pushed up the leathern curtain and gone in. It was a temple of the old persuasion, and there had evidently…

Three Adams

Dali paintings, skulls and monsters, particolored wings, Cards and dice and portraits line the walls of Suicide Kings. Breathing shallow, still as rock, I’m trying not to blink. Virgin plains of ruddy skin imbibing jet black ink. Adam leans against my back and scribes a fearful face: An image of an image of the saviour…

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