Articles by Rev. John M. Linebarger, PhD

John M. Linebarger is a bivocational priest in the Anglican Diocese of the Southwest of the Anglican Church in North America.  His bishop is +Mark Zimmerman, and he served his curacy at Church of Our Lord under Fr. Harold Trott.  John also wears the hats of husband and father, Computer Scientist at a National Laboratory, storyteller-in-training, and once-and-future guitar player.  He lives with his family and a menagerie of books in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Quo Vadis: Anglican Clergy Formation and Ministry?

What follows are some observations about trends in Anglican Clergy Formation and Anglican Ministry, and some talking point proposals about how dioceses and seminaries can respond to these trends proactively. Overall Thesis: Clergy formation and ministry are undergoing a time of transition in America. Residential seminary is giving way to more diocese-based training. Full-time positions…

Catholic and Reformed

Second language learners of English are often struck by the arcana of pronunciation (such as the legion of ways that the cluster “ough” can be vocalized), the subtleties of vocabulary connotation, and the vestigial remains of the Indo-European case and conjugation system. Behind much of the difficulty of acquiring a native facility with English lies…

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