Articles by Gerald McDermott

Gerald McDermott

Gerald McDermott recently retired from the Chair of Anglican Divinity at Beeson Divinity School. The author or editor of 23 books, he teaches courses in Anglicanism, history and doctrine, theology of world religions, and Jonathan Edwards. His edited The Future of Orthodox Anglicanism appeared in February 2020.

Wishful Theology and Romanticized History

We all know the dangers of the pot calling the kettle black. Professor Gillis Harp’s review of The Future of Orthodox Anglicanism is an illustration of this truism. He charges that the theology of several of its essays (mine and Barbara Gauthier’s) is “wishful” because they evince a “romantic sacramentalism” derived from “outdated” histories of…

The Via Media—Between What and What?

One could say that the argument over the Via Media is its own via media, cutting through two camps in the Anglican Communion. Although there have been various ways of interpreting the term, more recently its interpretation has divided two groups of Anglicans—those who insist on the Reformed character of Anglicanism and those who see…

E.L. Mascall: A Theologian in, from, and for the Church

Eric Lionel Mascall (1905-93) was one of the best–perhaps the sharpest and most lucid–of orthodox Anglican theologians in the twentieth century. An Anglican priest who finished his career as Professor of Historical Theology at King’s College in the University of London, Mascall excelled in mathematics at the university, and boasted of never having been formally…

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