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Brian Miller

Brian Miller is a lawyer and writer in Washington, D.C. He's a pretty big fan of Cicero and the Book of Common Prayer. You can follow him on the web at and on Twitter.

Did the Oxford Movement Ruin Everything?

The Argument It’s difficult to be an Anglican today. Visit a church with “Anglican” on the door and the chances that you will hear the words of Thomas Cranmer are pretty low. The odds of encountering liturgical dance, praise and worship, t-shirted pastors perched atop stools, priestesses, chasubles, moral therapeutic deism, progressive therapeutic theism, conservative…


Praying to Themselves

I’ve been reading Graham Greene’s Orient Express and this passage struck me. In this scene, Dr. Czinner (a Serbian communist revolutionary) has the sudden urge to seek confession and search out the Anglican priest he noticed earlier on the train. “Dr. Czinner drew the door to and sat in the opposite seat. ‘You are a priest?’…

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