Book Review: “Deep Anglicanism”

Deep Anglicanism: A Brief Guide, 2nd edition. By Gerald R. McDermott. Nashotah, WI: Nashotah House Press, 2024. 374 pp. $15.49 (paper). C.S. Lewis’ novel Till We Have Faces contains a profound image of our epistemological situation as human beings on this earth. Orual, a princess, is told by her sister Psyche of a castle in…


Formulating Orthodoxy: The Centrality of Canon Law for Common Prayer and Doctrine

Editor’s Note: This piece is featured in the Spring/Summer edition of The North American Anglican print journal. We are making it temporarily available to non-subscribers this week as a service to the Bishops and Leaders of the Church. Learn more and subscribe to the print journal here: SUBSCRIBE *** The general deviation from a standard…


Sacral Almsgiving: Presence & Sacrifice

Historically speaking, alms-giving remained – and has remained – a pivotal duty of English Churchmen after the Reformation. For instance, the Canons of 1604 required the construction of an alms-box to be housed in a convenient place in the church and to remain in the custody of the wardens to be used by the priest…


An Ambrosian Moment

“This is a true saying, If a man desire the office of bishop, he desireth a good work.” 1 Timothy 3:1 (Authorized Version) St. Paul encourages St. Timothy as he is discerning appropriate episcopal candidates that should the man desire the position, he is reaching out for it, it is a beautiful undertaking to want….


On the Invocation of the Saints [Commentary on Browne: Article XXII (4)]

Much like image veneration, invocation of the saints has been justified by Anglo-Catholics on the basis of the purported ecumenical authority of the Second Council of Nicaea. The nature of the Council’s support for the practice has at times been a source of confusion, though—some have alleged that the Council outright anathematizes “the denial of…


The Permanence of Marriage and the Sin of Remarriage in the Holy Scriptures

In this essay I shall argue from the Holy Scriptures that marriage is a lifelong covenant that is dissolved only by death and that remarriage while one’s spouse is alive is thus always a sin. Call it Providence, or call it a coincidence, but it appears that the Reverend Jared Lovell and I were both…


Calling for full communion within the Anglican Church in North America

Resolution from the Standing Committee of the Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth (ACNA) calling for full communion within the Anglican Church in North America I found it necessary to write appealing to you to contend for the faith which was once for all delivered to the saints.” (Jude 1:3) At the formation of the Anglican…


Whither Goes Anglicanism? Diagnosing the Disease

A Review of The Rev. Dr. Charles Erlandson’s Orthodox Anglican Identity: The Quest for Unity in a Diverse Religious Tradition ~ Where are we headed? The trajectory of Anglicanism is bleak or blossoming – depending on how you define Anglicanism. The Rev. Dr. Charles Erlandson provides a multifaceted definition for Anglicanism after weighing a variety…


Book Review: The Word Made Flesh For Us

The Word Made Flesh for Us: A Treatise on Christology & the Sacraments from Hooker’s Laws. By Richard Hooker. Modernized & Edited by Brad Littlejohn and Patrick Timmis. Davenant Press, 2024. 125 pp. Paperback $19.95. It has often been observed that the Anglican tradition, unlike some of the other forms of Protestantism, was named for…


The Church in England: Independently Dependent

A History of the Church in England. By J. R. H. Moorman. New York: Morehouse Publishing, 1980. 512 pp. $29.95 (hardcover), $32.46 (paper). Bishop Moorman’s A History of the Church in England is a carefully exposited work detailing the Church within England, and not merely the Church of England. He avoids pious legends, like the…

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