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Infant Baptism: A Treatise in Defense of Infant Baptism, Written in the Scholastic Style – Part III

This entry is part 3 of 3 in the series Snyder: Scholastic Defense of Infant Baptism

Practical Application Having discussed the reasons for infant baptism, as well as notable arguments against it, and the orthodox responses to those arguments, it remains to be seen why such a work as this treatise is necessary, or at least expedient, and how its content applies to our current ecclesial context. Our practical applications for…


Responding to Gillis Harp on Confessional Anglicanism

This week the virtual studio is FULL with all three Miserable Offenders present to discuss a recent article by Gillis Harp appearing at The Gospel Coalition. Dr. Harp urges Anglicans to stay true to their confessions, and while we all agreed with this premise we had plenty to discuss regarding Harp’s particular way of applying…

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