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Anglican Confirmation for Suspicious Evangelicals Pt1

The work of catechizing believers is a central task of the Church in every generation. In this present moment, in which many evangelicals and non-denominational Christians are moving towards more historic and liturgical expressions of the Faith, traditional Anglican churches have an opportunity–and a challenge–in catechizing these newcomers. While the task of catechesis is (ideally)…


Down, Down

Let’s toss aside our fishy preoccupation with historicity. Let’s say they sunk him into text to type our slow descent to self, into an empty belly intent for Tarshish, which is a fancy way to say really far away. His then is our slow awakening that these, our lodgings, are something less than satisfactory. His…


Free to Do Otherwise [Commentary on Browne: Article X]

One of the Thirty-nine Articles’ distinctive features is that, on a number of disputed topics, they allow for multiple interpretations within limits. Browne underscores this tendency in noting the broad language of Article X: There have been, ever since the reign of Elizabeth, two parties in the English Church, one holding the doctrines of Calvin,…


“On the Road” with Andrew Brashier

In this episode Jesse was able to catch Andrew on the road, driving his car to a meeting of the Jurisdiction of the Armed Forces and Chaplaincy. We took the opportunity afforded by the miles and the road to unpack Andrew’s spiritual journey with Christ into the Anglican ministry. Reach out to us! Andrew:…


Sola Scriptura vs Nuda Scriptura: On Buggery and the Ordination of Women

James Clark has already written here in response to Hans Boersma, Gerald McDermott, and Greg Peters’s expression of concern that GAFCON, in the Kigali Commitment, commits to a “strict ‘Bible alone’ viewpoint” that is “a departure from the approach of the English Reformers”; he has shown that the Kigali Commitment is not intended to open…


The Nature of Concupiscence [Commentary on Browne: Article IX (2)]

The term “concupiscence” is obscure these days, little discussed or even understood by contemporary Christians. It therefore seems appropriate to dwell on it and clarify its meaning, given that the account of original sin contained in Article IX hinges on how the term is defined. “Concupiscence” is a synonym for “lust,” which in this sense…


Why I Stay

The controversy between a North American primate and the provincial tribunal regarding another bishop—let’s keep names out of this for now—has caused the most serious constitutional crisis in the life of the Anglican Church in North America to date. It has also caused confusion and consternation among educated and serious laypeople. Conservative rectors and those…



When I am tempest-torn and grief-lorn, shredded by the weight of my own self against the spider-silk weft of this heavy world; when I lose my nerve or head and begin to bargain with castles I have built – offer them more grit, more stone, more water, argue they are not porcelain; when I look…


GAFCON’s Commitment to Tradition and Sola Scriptura Rightly Understood

Hans Boersma, Gerald McDermott, and Greg Peters have expressed concern at First Things that, because the Kigali Commitment “repeatedly appeals to the authority of the Bible alone and fails to mention either the authority of the Church or the role of tradition,” GAFCON is committing itself to a “strict ‘Bible alone’ viewpoint” that is “a…

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