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Lancelot Andrews Preaches a Nativity Sermon, December 25, 1622

The church was chilly, though the King had come to hear the sermon; no braziers set out; chill of December. Andrewes, golden-tongued, delivered words describing the long route the Magi took, the trials they endured: In solsitio bumali—”the dead of winter”; they rode wearying miles obscured by fog and snow; high prices paid for bread; camels…


Do we need the Easter Vigil?

The liturgical and theological coherence of ‘Old High’ Easter Eve   According to the Church of England’s Common Worship: Times and Seasons provision for Easter, the term “the Easter Liturgy” does not describe the main Eucharist in a parish on Easter Day.[1] No, it is the title given to the Easter Vigil. It is the Vigil…

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