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Reformation Anglicanism and Nicaea II

1. Introduction The Second Council of Nicaea (787 A.D.), which is often referred to as the ‘Seventh Ecumenical Council’ of the Church, approved of and even anathematised those who did not approve the adoration of relics and religious images. However, the Anglican Formularies contradict Nicaea II’s rulings, and call the adoration of images “a fond…


Proclaiming from the Rooftops: An Interview with Calvin Robinson

How did you discern a call to serve God as a priest and public witness in the Anglican tradition?   During my time as an undergrad and immediately afterward, I was leading a quite superficial, materialistic life in the industry. Living the pursuit of happiness, if you will. Making money, having fun, but not feeling…


Exposition of the Thirty-nine Articles – Article XIV

Article XIV. Of Works of Supererogation. VOLUNTARY works, besides, over and above God’s commandments, which they call Works of Supererogation, cannot be taught without arrogancy and impiety: for by them men do declare, that they do not only render unto God as much as they are bound to do, but that they do more for…


Pursuing an Anglican Identity

I’m new to Anglicanism. I journeyed on the Canterbury trail along with many recent pilgrims from my Baptist homeland. Sometimes, this fact makes me self-conscious. Was I young, restless, and Reformed because it was cool then? And now that liturgy is cool, I’m Anglican? The question does not bother me enough to keep me up…


Book Review: “Anglicanism”

Anglicanism: The Thought and Practice of the Church of England, Illustrated from the Religious Literature of the Seventeenth Century. Edited by Paul Elmer More and Frank Leslie Cross. Cambridge, UK: James Clarke & Co., 2009. 610 pp. $49.13 (paper). In a video titled “Why I Am Not Anglican,” Lutheran pastor and author Dr. Jordan B….


Exposition of the Thirty-nine Articles – Article XIII

Article XIII. Of Works before Justification. WORKS done before the Grace of Christ, and the inspiration of His Spirit, are not pleasant to God, forasmuch as they spring not of faith in Jesus Christ; neither do they make men meet to receive grace, or (as the school-authors say) deserve grace of congruity; yea, rather, for…


Summer Afternoon

Above our house an ancient maple spreads Its branches wide to shade in shadow all That falls below: Perennials in reds And blues and, wearing muted greens, a small But stubborn bed of hostas which we’ve done Our careless best to kill through sad neglect. A hum of bees floats lazy in the sun. Loud…


Bishop Joseph Hall’s Defense of the Unborn

A debate currently rages about when evangelicals took up their pro-life position on abortion. The ‘when’ matters in part for how it might answer ‘why’ they did so. Thus, a number of pro-choice advocates have accused evangelicals of only opposing abortion in the period after Roe v. Wade and as a backlash to women’s rights….

Report from the Anglican Diocese of the Living Word Synod

Last week I served as a voting delegate to the annual synod and missions conference of the Anglican Diocese of the Living Word. The diocesan bishop, The Rt. Rev. Julian Dobbs, addressed the delegates as he does every year. This year Bishop Dobbs’s pastoral address made somewhat of a stir. Author Rod Dreher was present…

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