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Photo of York Minster

The Restoration

Sweet Peace’s Prince, who once I did exile A traitor to my soul, has now returned To regal Restoration; to beguile My treachery, He chastised me, but spurned Me not; with kinder loving word He yearned To reconcile. My Parliament adjourned, To yield consented, what excuse have I To let my vices turn my soul…


I.M. , I.M.

north Louisiana On holy ground these woods reclaim There now remains one standing stone, The others fallen, name by name, A country graveyard overgrown. The marble, lichen-crusted, worn, By weathering time in time displaced, Tilts on a base by storms uptorn, With runner, web, and tendril graced. An angel kneels, with folded wings, While floating…


Principles and Distinctives of Anglican Ceremonial

efore one may talk about the controversies over ceremonies and rites, one must first discuss the point of ritual. That is, what is its end. All who have even the slightest liturgical education are well aware of the primitive doctrine of lex orandi, lex credendi. For those who are new to the discussion, this little…


The King’s Speech: The Trinitarian Mystery of Prayer

The biblical portrait of the Christian Church presents the picture of a people at prayer. All action flows from this central activity. The Church makes her greatest progress when marching on her knees; her vision of the future is clearest when she looks forward with her head bowed. Her hands outstretched in service are filled…


Pentecost, 2017

Lord, save me from this rushing mighty wind That beats me beyond belief — buffets, blows The breath from me till I can’t walk, can hardly stand, just Stumble. Its confounding force opposes my progress, slows My steps, outdoes my poise – Checks, chokes me, hurts, thwarts, throws dust In my eyes, Defies my tries…

Photo of sketched dragon

Dragonlike Nature of Christ in the Incarnation

Metaphors of dragons to understand Christ’s humanity and divinity Compares to awareness of right hand Truth tied up in the Blessed Trinity Dragon could be destroying villages All the while human Junius lecturesHe’s oblivious to the destruction.We put God in a box with diligence And “natures don’t do stuff” he conjectures Emily draws the Yale…


Three Adams

Dali paintings, skulls and monsters, particolored wings, Cards and dice and portraits line the walls of Suicide Kings. Breathing shallow, still as rock, I’m trying not to blink. Virgin plains of ruddy skin imbibing jet black ink. Adam leans against my back and scribes a fearful face: An image of an image of the saviour…

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