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The North American Anglican is modeling faithful theology and traditional Anglican piety for the renewal of Christ’s church. We provide a resource for the faithful layperson looking to deepen their faith as the thoughtful priest looking to guide his flock through choppy theological waters. Our writers come from the pulpits and pews of Anglican congregations just like yours. We offer a platform for discussing the timeless truths of Christianity in a unity of belief that extends through history, across jurisdictional boundaries, and is founded in fidelity to the sacred scriptures and catholic traditions as enshrined in the Anglican formularies of the English Reformation. We’re proud of this work, but we can’t do it alone.

An Urgent Letter from the Editor


  • The North American Anglican Press is re-launching its publishing efforts with several new books currently in production.
  • A dedicated discussion board where readers can interact as a community with their favorite articles, TNAA authors, and one another.
  • A new video/podcast series of interviews, where our Editor sits down with the writers of our most popular articles to further unpack their meaning.
  • A Quarterly Print Journal.

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Jesse Nigro

Jesse Nigro is Editor-in-Chief at The North American Anglican and lives in Omaha, Nebraska with his wife and children, where he teaches philosophy at a classical High School. He earned his BA in philosophy from Creighton University and MA in theology from Concordia University in Irvine. Jesse has been an editor and operator at The North American Anglican since 2012.

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