I Travelled These Roads With My Father Once

I travelled these roads with my father once,
Long ago.
I gallop my mount across the clouds
Far from home.
Beneath the oceanic heavens
Soar his prayers like an eagle above me,
Clutching the fasces, a bundle of rods
And an axe, closely bound
Like a father and his sons,
One as the sun is round,
As far as the silver runs
Through the darkness of the deep.
Haste thee, Mid-Autumn Festival!
Not soon enough, we’ll lift our eyes
And see a moon that’s mine and thine,
Though parted by a pair o’ tides
From speaking face to face.
Thus night, in mem’ry of the future,
As ways through wombs and out again
Into the sight of the road.
Onward I ride, then, reading the way
To test the strength of stronger promise
Than oft I know. Now’s the day
To do the work by will and providence.
The angels carry harmonies
Of frankincense and holy myrrh
And bring down songs from heaven’s beard,
Like damask petals flowing down.
Sun pours, and rain shines,
And through the clouds come beams
Of glory divine. Votive ænigma,
Knowledge, forest, love, come
Down from forms above, come!
Water’s fire, flame’s fluid,
Inside, outside, dancing
– Light, light, clear, clear, open!
Swords strong pierce the matter
You know. God in nation,
Glory in my heart cælestial:
Tribulation, glory; tribulation, patience;
Drinking in experience, taste the hope
Of golden dews unseen.

Lue-Yee Tsang

Lue-Yee Tsang studied theology at Wycliffe College, University of Toronto, and also writes at Cogito, Credo, Petam. A second-generation Chinese exile in America, he is interested in working with Chinese and non-Chinese Christians to equip the Church in China for domestic and world mission by providing it with important patristic, mediæval scholastic, and early Protestant works.

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