Articles by Travis Wright

Travis Wright

Travis Wright lives in Houston with his wife Emily where he writes and studies. His poetry has appeared in various outlets, including The Brooklyn Quarterly, Dust (UK), and Dappled Things, among others. He is studying for his Phd at Cambridge University.

The Monk

This winter I have let my beard hang like litter from my face, and boiled tea, and for a time, looked on and longed to be taken alongside the fields by undisturbed whiteness. There I would mind the cold for its finch-thick sill of bone, and watch last week’s split ash burn like the debris…

Ode to Paniskos

  “Πάνισκος κεχρη” -P.Lond. III 658 What we share when the nights grow cold is the thrill of life’s noble luster. Perhaps you too, like me, will remember the fiery sight of water running west at night like power untouched even by the gods. They come to you, caked in sand and suffering, wishing to…

In Praise of Failure

 “It hath been the wisdom of the Church of England, ever since the first compiling of her public Liturgy, to keep the mean between two extremes.” For those quietly disembarking the revivalist and biblicist excesses of their evangelical patrimony, a refreshing mark of the formularies of the English Church is their comprehensive appeal to Christian…

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