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Shawn Cooper

Dr. Shawn Phillip Cooper is a scholar of mediæval literature, specialising in Arthuriana and the intersections between chivalry, kingship, and the Church. He is the Vice-President of the North American branch of the International Courtly Literature Society, and is an Assistant Professor in the English Department at Rochester University in Rochester Hills, Michigan. His hobbies include playing the piano and watching Test Cricket.

All Our Yesterdays

Time’s arrow from the past is launched With a force no bodkin may resist,And we have found eternal youthElusive too, the alchemiesAnd fountains long discredited.  Yet immortality we have devisedTo preserve an endless, shining summer—To preserve them all, intact and whole,Not memories, but lived as new. Martin Crowe has died today, In middle-age—the cancer stoleWhat hair…

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