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Meghan Tarsitano

Meghan Tarsitano spends the vast majority of her time mothering two children, but once they’re in bed she discusses religion, politics, music, movies (ones that no one else likes), and baseball with her rector/husband Richard. Whatever is written above developed most likely from a conversation had from two armchairs in an Orange Park, Florida, living room. She is a long-time member of St. Michael and All Angels Anglican Church, Fleming Island.

The Children of Men and the Old Prayer Book

P.D. James makes several morose references to the abandonment of the “old book” or “old liturgy” in the childless 2021 England of her dystopian novel The Children of Men (COM). By “old liturgy” she is referring to the 1662 Book of Common Prayer, a book containing a marriage rite which stresses procreation as the first…

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