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Lisa Cooper

Lisa Cooper is the copywriter and editor at RevelationMedia, and she freelance writes for various publications. Her poetry has been featured in Penteract Press's 2022 anthology: The Book of Penteract, The Curator, Fathom Magazine, Ekstasis Magazine, and Grand Little Things, among others. She lives in Upstate New York with her husband and two boys. You can find her on Twitter @LaLaLisaCooper


Death is swallowed up in victory

Anagram of 1 Corinthians 15:54, NKJV run! the Physician has made death burn, wove saints a garment tightly—tools to withstand rot, unspools limp sin-torn city, all without prior wrath, but establishes rich hope upon it


He Informs Dew

Anagram of Proverbs 9:10–12, NKJV yellow field yields fine wispy fiber: Your glory ordinary. fatuous gold as wisdom to heathen, woefully fractured— for You off lies. You add beam to leafed wind; I find you in one lone leaf, oh, but arise! be enlightened! say, “Israel bow to the King; He informs dew!”

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