Articles by Daniel Gustafsson

Daniel Gustafsson

Daniel Gustafsson has published collections of poetry in both English and Swedish. A new pamphlet, Fordings, was published earlier this year by Marble Poetry. Swedish, Anglophile, Eastern Orthodox, with a special interest in William Blake and alliterative verse, Daniel also has a PhD in Philosophy from the University of York. He lives in York.


We saw it sink; the tides took it, the tug of oars between the strand and formlessness that left the sands forlorn; out past the wrack, beyond the harbour-walls’ embrace, the embers ebbed to black. Listen, the land is locked in silence; waves and waders moved as one to cede the shore; the godwits gone,…

Sunken Island

  Leaving, we took the path of least resistance, paved and prone to floods; returning now, we tramp through mud to lawns awash with silt. The walls we never mended here, the banks we never built, have left us bare. The life once tended here, its honed and hard-won peace, these currents with relentless ease…

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