Articles by Daniel Galef

Daniel Galef

Daniel Galef is a writer from Montreal whose poetry has appeared in Measure Review, The Lyric, the Christian Century, the Scrivener Creative Review, New York Magazine, and the Raintown Review.

Suger and the Golden Eagle

 1137 What were you? What benighted ritual functionserved you? Did you catch from slaughtered calvesthe ruby of their veins, and mete its halvesbetween strange gods and men who begged their unction?Would still man’s breast rekindle dark desireshould I from Eve’s lips wrest the unbit apple?I wrought the pagan archway in my chapel,yet still the kings…

Prayer for a Prayer by a Nonbeliever

I saw a fellow praying by a sandwiched city church, his eyes screwed up and swaying on that sort-of parrot perch. A comic picture, nearly, he presented to me. Still he kept mouthing on sincerely, letting words in silence spill. Through the smelly candlesmoke I watched him, earnest, there, and, reaching deep for habit, spoke…

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