Author Index

Author Index for The North American Anglican journal.

Adams, Melora. A Woman’s View of Women’s Ordination. (issue #1)
Adebogun, Olukayode. The Unchanging Standard of God. (issue #1)
Battison, John. The Emotional Appeal of Anglican Ritual. (issue #1)
Beckmann, David. The Importance of Preaching for Anglican Renewal. (issue #1)
Bernier, Benjamin. Protestantism Not a Failure. (issue #1)
Boonzaaijer, John P. Continuity vs. Innovation: Comparing the 39 Articles & the Belgic Confession. (issue #1)
Boully, Thomas J. The Practical Significance of the Eucharist. (issue #2)
Bowler, David. The 39 Articles: Article Twelve – Of Good Works. (issue #3)
Chotem, Peter. River Song – sheet music. (issue #3) Chotem, Tony. Phoenix – sheet music. (issue #3)
Conrad, Jeremy S. Remember! (issue #1) Conrad, Jeremy S. Bower Birds. (issue #2)
Conrad, Christa N. Women’s Headcoverings. (issue #3)
Crouthamel, Dale H. The Humerus Bone of Contention. (issue #2)
Cranmer, Thomas. Preface to the Bible. (issue #1)
Doan, Andrew. The 39 Articles: Article Eleven – Justification By Faith. (issue #3)
Donlon, Kevin Francis. Liturgical, Catechetical & Conciliar Considerations for a Johannine Awakening. (issue #3)
Erlandson, Charles. Orthodox Anglican Identity. (issue #2)
Erlandson, Charles. Book Review: Defending Constantine. (issue #3)
Fagbamiye, Amos. A Bishop’s Reflection on Lambeth, Canterbury, and GAFCON. (issue #1)
Fry, Michael. A New Daily Office Lectionary: Reclaiming Thomas Cranmer’s Vision. (issue #1)
Fry, Michael. A Simplified Daily Lectionary. (issue #3)
Giuffrida, Lance. Real Christianity: A Pastoral Exposition of I John 1-2. (issue #1)
Gleason, Joseph M. Like Lazarus – sheet music. (issue #1)
Gleason, Joseph M. The 39 Articles: Article Six – Of the Sufficiency of the Holy Scripture for Salvation. (issue #2)
Gleason, Joseph M. Growing Up. (issue #2) Gleason, Joseph M. This is the Body of Christ – sheet music. (issue #2)
Gleason, Joseph M. The Signature of God: Unveiling Old Testament Prophecy. (issue #3)
Gleason, Joseph M. Most High God – sheet music. (issue #3)
Grant, Robert. Liturgy in an Age of Entertainment. (issue #2)
Grubert, Jamie. I Loved You. (issue #2)
Guerard, William. The Sin of the Homosexual Agenda. (issue #1)
Guerard, William. The Communion of Saints. (issue #2)
Hagan, James. Church Planting: Small is Beautiful! (issue #1)
Hagan, James. Godly Admonition (issue #3)
Hawks, Heidi. Christian Education and the Future of the Church. (issue #2)
Henle, Kurt J. Traditional Anglican Music in a Mission Setting. (issue #3)
Hewett, Paul C. A Meditation on 1 Timothy 2:15. (issue #1)
Hewett, Paul C. The Ministry of Acolytes. (issue #3)
Hird, Ed. Life After Death with Titus. (issue #1)
Hyde, Daniel R. Response to Fr. Boonzaaijer’s comparison of the 39 Articles & Belgic Confession. (issue #2)
Johnson, Trevor. Missio Dei. (issue #3)
Jones, Nancy. The Churching of Women. (issue #3)
Jorgensen, Eric W. Scripture in Tension. (issue #1)
Jorgensen, Eric W. A Means of Grace within the Exhortation. (issue #2)
Kacena, George. What About Auricular Confession? (issue #1)
Kacena, George. The Healing Power of the Eucharist. (issue #2)
Kacena, George. The 39 Articles: Article Thirteen – Of Works Done Before Justification. (issue #3)
Kanu, Nathan. The 39 Articles: Article Nine – Of Original or Birth-Sin. (issue #3)
Keble, John. The Disuse of Infant Communion. (issue #2)
Kemendo, Blaine. Altar Call: The Confession of Sin in the Book of Common Prayer. (issue #3)
Kidd, Deborah Dove. The Role of a Deaconess in a Traditional Anglican Church. (issue #2)
Kulchar, David. Once in a Lifetime Opportunity. (issue #1)
Kulchar, David. Cell Groups from an Anglican Perspective. (issue #3)
Kuykendall, Ronald D. The 39 Articles: Article Four – Of the Resurrection of Christ. (issue #1)
Lee, Tommy. The History of Paedocommunion from the Early Church to 1500. (issue #2)
Leithart, Peter. Branded or Baptized? (issue #2)
Matthews, Peter. Evangelism. (issue #1)
Mayo, Barclay. Jeshua Messiah. (issue #3)
McIntyre, Andrew. The 39 Articles: Article One – Of Faith in the Holy Trinity. (issue #1)
McIntyre, Andrew. Meaningful Worship. (issue #2)
Meredith, Rogers. Kindred Spirits: Comparing the 39 Articles & the Westminster Confession of Faith. (issue #1)
Meyers, Jeffrey. Anglican, Examine Thyself. (issue #2)
Miller, Mark. The Vulnerable God. (issue #2)
Mills, Douglas B. The Wonderful Benefits of Liturgical Worship. (issue #1)
Minish, Victor B. Episcopal Apologetics. (issue #1)
Minns, Angela. GAFCON through the eyes of a Bishop’s Wife. (issue #1)
Miranda, Carlos. Holy Communion and the English Reformation. (issue #2)
Morgan, Victor H. The Big Tent of Anglicanism. (issue #1)
Murphy, Joe. The Problem of Trajectory in Anglicanism. (issue #1)
Novak, Victor E. Standing at the Crossroads. (issue #1)
Packer, J. I. Called to Catechize. (issue #2)
Pahls, Michael J. G. On Liturgy as a Grammar of Faith. (issue #2)
Pahls, Michael J. G. AMiA: Born of Revival and Genocide. (issue #3)
Pitchford, Nathan. How the Doctrine of the Trinity Shapes the Christian Mission. (issue #3)
Poon, Michael. The Johannine Awakening. (issue #3)
Pusey, E.B. The Merciful Shall Obtain Mercy. (issue #3)
Reber, James. The Church of Jesus Christ. (issue #1)
Reber, James. The 39 Articles: Article Seven – Of the Old Testament. (issue #2)
Reber, James. Marching to the Beat of a Different Drummer. (issue #3)
Richmond, Donald P. Healing in Parish Ministry: An Anglican Perspective. (issue #3)
Sanders, Robert. Richard Hooker on The Holy Eucharist. (issue #2)
Seel, Anthony. The 39 Articles: Article Three – Of the going down of Christ into Hell. (issue #1)
Seel, Anthony. Hospitality, Community, and Eucharist. (issue #2)
Seraiah, Chori Jonathin. The 39 Articles: Article Two – Of the Word or Son of God, which was made very Man. (issue #1)
Seraiah, Chori Jonathin. The 39 Articles: Article Five – Of the Holy Spirit. (issue #2)
Seraiah, Chori Jonathin. The 39 Articles: Article Ten – Of Free-Will. (issue #3)
Seraiah, Chori Jonathin. All Did Eat, All Did Drink. (issue #2) Seraiah, Chori Jonathin. Everyone is Entitled to My Opinion. (issue #3) Smith, Ron. Who is in Charge of Hermeneutics? (issue #2)
Snell, RJ. Ordinary Time. (issue #2)
Sproul Jr., R.C. The Strengths of the Body. (issue #3)
Sudgen, Christopher. Lambeth 2008 – A Retrospect. (issue #1)
Sudgen, Christopher. Evangelism in Western Post-Modern Secular Culture. (issue #3)
Templeton, Sean. Reformation from Africa: Athanasius on the Incarnation. (issue #1)
Templeton, Sean. The 39 Articles: Article Eight – Of the Creeds. (issue #3)
Thompson, Don. About Bats. (issue #2)
Vanderbijl III, Johann W. A Biblical Case for the Arts. (issue #1)
Vanderbijl III, Johann W. The Eucharist in the Exodus: an examination of John 6 and 1 Corinthians 10. (issue #2)
Virtue, David. An Anglican Future Without Canterbury and Lambeth? (issue #1)
Virtue, David. Can Two Walk Together, Except They Be Agreed? (issue #2) Werkema, Tim. Just a Little Wine – sheet music. (issue #2)
Wesley, John & Charles. Communion Hymns. (issue #2)
Whitefield, George. The Great Duty of Family Religion. (issue #2)
Wilson, Douglas. Why Anglicanism Matters to the Rest of Us. (issue #1)

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