Monthly Archives: March 2023


“Children of God?”

Recently, Pope Francis gave an interview with the Associated Press that garnered headlines around the world.1 He asserted that, while homosexuality is a sin, it is not a crime and should not be prosecuted as such. Some folks were happy that Francis said homosexuality was not a crime but unhappy that he said it was…


Dead Shall Rise

Thanks to the ubiquitous suburban aversion to rake, which I take to be a sub-function of an associated suspicion re: work, one now can see it in meatspace— as I think the new term is for “real”— most days, even in rain: the rise, as browning, skeletal, blood once red even or golden over leaves…


Beauty You Can Afford: Singing the Psalms to Simplified Anglican Chant

My family will happily tell you that I have a thing for Panetonne, that wonderful Italian Christmas bread that seems to be gaining popularity in the States. And let me tell you: looks can be deceiving. At first sight, it doesn’t really look that good. It’s not quite cake. It’s not quite bread. Am I…

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