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The Warfare in Our Worship

We are at war but we always have been. Just as St. Paul says we war against powers unseen. (Ephesians 6:12). This has become increasingly clear as the war on the family has intensified and grown apace coupled with the attack on what is a man or woman. I won’t rehash the culture war or…


Ash Wednesday and the Day of Atonement

As we enter Lent, the 1662 Book of Common Prayer gives us a Commination (or threatening) against sin, and some prayers to go with it. Coming before Almighty God in prayer to remember our own need for the Saviour to cleanse us, and to banish sin from our lives, is a practice that has its…


The 1662 Option

Prayer book wars have been a notable and time-consuming art for Anglicans since the mid-to-late 20th Century. However, less than a hundred years ago, Anglicans across the globe were united by a single prayer book for their respective provinces, and the vast majority of Anglicans globally were united by a single prayer book – the…


In the Sandbox

For L & S Sand sifting through and over your fingers: that is power enough, for you know that to build is to be divine in this small world. By your spoon and single truck, you are deified, as deliberate as—or more than—those kings of old Mesopotamia steering their kingdoms of clay. ~ ~ ~…


The Reformers on Civil Government

Legitimate discourse on the role of the civil magistrate in modern life is range bound between classical liberalism on the political right and progressive liberalism on the political left. The two sides of the liberal coin hold to different perspectives on the role of government in society but share a common telos in what they…


The Reformed Episcopal Church and Her Detractors

The Reformed Episcopal Church has been taking some heat over the past couple of weeks from some in the Evangelical arm of Anglicanism. Apparently, we aren’t sufficiently Protestant enough for the Protestant club. But if you ask the Anglo-Papalists on the other end of the spectrum we are not Catholic enough for the Catholic club….


Two Poems

Before a Resurrection These are last hours before last hours, and the flowers, earthen syntax between sign and sign, between your life and mine, bound in silence to the ground at night, where I wait, not knowing which words to say as proof that to rise and worship is right.   Rewilding We are to…


“Vain Repetitions”? Light from the New Testament Background

In the evangelical Bible college I graduated from, I once heard a professor of mine advocate that Jesus did not mean for us to pray the Lord’s Prayer, but only to pray “like” the Lord’s Prayer. I, for myself, do not believe that Jesus intended anything so difficult! Sometimes we try to be more spiritual…

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