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Canon Law and the Ecclesiastical Leviathan

In his classic 1987 book Crisis and Leviathan, economic historian Robert Higgs convincingly argued that the vast growth in the size and scope of the American government over the course of the twentieth century was due primarily to government actions taken in response to national emergencies. Higgs identifies critical events such as the Great Depression,…


Two Visions of Apostolic Continuity

A Response to Cory Byrum’s Article on the Unity of Christ’s Body In researching how priests were ordained in the time of Jesus Christ, I found that the rule set down by the Sanhedrin required three ruler-priests to give consent, but only one was required to be physically present for the laying on of hands….


Canzoniere 349

At every hour I seem to hear the messenger she sends to me, and so I change incessantly, diminished by each passing year as my reflection turns unclear; I spurn the way I used to be. I long to know when I’ll be free although that moment should be near. How joyous it will be…


Conference Review: Mere Anglicanism 2023

“Learning To Tell More Beautiful Stories” Charleston, South Carolina is one of the most beautiful cities in the United States—an old city with one of the most impressively preserved historical districts—in a country replete with depressing newness. No building on the peninsula exceeds the height of its famous church steeples, meaning that from any angle…


Reason a Servant, Not the Master [Commentary on Browne: Article I (2)]

In the early days of the church the doctrine of the Trinity soon became fraught with controversy, as anyone with even a basic sense of Christian history is aware. When consulting Browne’s historical survey of this controversy, one theme becomes apparent: in all times and places, perversion of the doctrine of God—and the doctrine of…

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