Daily Archives: September 14, 2020

John the Baptist’s Brain Scan

Clinical History:Fetal synaesthesia and involuntary ecstasy; sudden adult-onset soteriological hydrophilia. Findings:There is pervasiverubicund pigmentationof the frontal lobe andluxury perfusionof the mid-cortical gyrisuggesting locust-ingestion ketogenesis.Patient’s sulciare focally engorgedwith desert flower honey.Hypertrophic changesto the circle of Willisreveal vaticination. Impression:MRI findings suggest Nazarite syndrome. Further testing with sandal thongs is indicated to assess digital non-compliance. The patient should…

A Baptized World from Protology to Eschatology

Sacramental theology begins on page one. God prefigures the great regeneration of all things in the initial generation of all things. The first explicit lesson that we are taught in the opening verses of the Scriptures is that God is the creator of everything. The first implicit lesson that we learn is that God created…

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