Articles by Toby F. Coley

Toby F. Coley has a doctorate in Rhetoric and Writing from Bowling Green State University and teaches courses at a university in Texas. His creative work has been featured in the venues such as the The Windhover; Black & White; Red Ochre Press; The Cresset and others. He has published a book with Peter Lang Press and has published on C.S. Lewis in VII: The Journal of the Marion E. Wade Center as well as Sehnsucht: The C.S. Lewis Journal. He is also a student in the MFA in Creative Writing at the University of St. Thomas.


Transposing Deity

Rounded shoulders loom over my chest, so tight burdened by my cross: is it like yours? Pressed nose-close the ground all light absorbs where darkness drowns already-strainéd sight. Jaundiced doldrums swallow dispirited hope, I look up the deep hole to see only the tiniest of light halos so very far above me. The best of…

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