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Ryan Blank

Ryan Blank is a PhD student at Emmanuel College, Cambridge. His research focuses on the intersections of Tractarian theology and various historical ways of constructing identity in nineteenth-century England. He has previously studied at Oriel College, Oxford; St Edmund’s College, Cambridge; and Brigham Young University. Alongside his studies, Ryan is a founding member of the Edmund Wood Society, a Cambridge-based centre for traditional Anglo-Catholic worship and the study of Anglican theology, history, and philosophy.

A Sermon for the Feast of the Blessed Charles, King and Martyr

Today, we remember the life and death of Charles I, king and martyr. For many of us, our association with Charles I is one in which we remember the sad saga of a fight between crown and parliament over the monarch’s role in the British constitution. Here in the “Roundhead” stronghold of Cambridge, it may…

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