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The Rev. River Devereux

The Rev. River Devereux is a Deacon in the Church of Confessing Anglicans of Aotearoa New Zealand and Curate at St Timothy’s Anglican Church in Auckland. When River’s wife Georgia and son Basil aren’t keeping him too busy, he also talks about Anglicanism on his YouTube channel, New Kingdom Media.


Why Women Cannot Preside over Communion

Introduction As the Ordinal tells us, a Priest is essentially commissioned and ordained to be a Minister of Word and Sacrament. He is above all else called to preach, teach, baptize, and preside over Communion. Showing from Scripture that a woman cannot perform the role of teaching the congregation is rather simple, as it is…


Why Women’s Ordination Cannot be Tolerated

Introduction The error of women’s ordination has stalked, cursed, and haunted Anglicanism for nearly half a century and no matter where we go or what efforts we make to correct our wrongs, we cannot seem to fully rid ourselves of it. For many conservative Anglicans, women’s ordination is like the relative you cannot stand but…


To Follow One’s Conscience: A Defence of True Protestantism

Contents: Prolegomena First Principles and Individual Judgement The Perspicuity of Scripture The Exclusive Infallibility of Scripture The Visible and Invisible Church The Fallibility of Ecumenical Councils The Protestant Reformation Conclusion 1. Prolegomena I have come to understand that my last article was deeply challenging to some people and forced them to grapple with questions they…


To Reject a Council: An Essay on Scripture, the Church, and the Believer

Introduction In his response to my article on why the Anglican Reformers rejected Nicaea II and condemned the religious veneration of images, Fr. Mark Perkins showed that the debate over this subject really hinges on the deeper questions about how we as Christians arrive at the knowledge of truth. Indeed, to reject what is often…

Reformation Anglicanism and Nicaea II

1. Introduction The Second Council of Nicaea (787 A.D.), which is often referred to as the ‘Seventh Ecumenical Council’ of the Church, approved of and even anathematised those who did not approve the adoration of relics and religious images. However, the Anglican Formularies contradict Nicaea II’s rulings, and call the adoration of images “a fond…

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