Articles by Fr Daniel French

Fr Daniel French

Fr Daniel French has been the vicar of the popular sailing destination Salcombe (sometimes jokingly referred to as ‘Chelsea-by-Sea’) since 2008. A former IT teacher he also writes for the Spectator and co-hosts the popular podcast of clergy banter ‘Irreverend’. Currently he is heading a small team to write a new catechism of traditional orthodox Christianity. He hopes this may connect and energise Jordan Peterson fans with enthusiasts for Rod Dreher’s Benedict Option.


The Cranmer Option

An important challenge to the churches in Rod Dreher’s The Benedict Option (2017) is the call for our congregations to become “thick communities” of discipleship and prayer that can resist the corrosive acidity of liquid modernity and be instrumental in building an alternative polis to the emergent dark age of secularity. In Dreher’s vision, such…

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