Articles by Paul J Pastor

Paul J. Pastor is author of several books, most recently Bower Lodge: Poems (Fernwood Press). He serves as an editor for Random House and lives in a ghost town in the Oregon woods.

Cherry on, Lost John

The world is not so sideways in its luck as people say; there still are futures of a healthful gain;  rain still rains. Lichens droop from spruces, wizard-gray, there are yet handsome gambles in the living game; rain still rains. Below the dust crust, we strike water in the hushing cave; crystals lengthen, treasuring the…

Montana Seeds

For Eugene Gone, I was the bristle in the brittle pines looped fractaling along the highway bends. Mine were raw quills, of goose and porcupine; mine the rock brains; mine the hands that slapped wet prints upon the breaching stones; a tremulous, confessing risk of joy; the silver in the sockets of my bones; the…

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