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Mischa Willett

Mischa Willett is the author of The Elegy Beta (2020) and Phases (2017) and teaches in the English Department at Seattle Pacific University. His essays, translations, and poems appear widely. More information can be found at


Dead Shall Rise

Thanks to the ubiquitous suburban aversion to rake, which I take to be a sub-function of an associated suspicion re: work, one now can see it in meatspace— as I think the new term is for “real”— most days, even in rain: the rise, as browning, skeletal, blood once red even or golden over leaves…


The Garden of Eros is a Watching Place

Variations on a line by Sorina Higgins   The Garden of Eden is a waiting room. The waiting of the painted is a still palace. The watching of the pained is an error. The panting of the weaned is a gratitude. The parching of the great is a watershed. The parting of the water is…

Joy of Every Longing Heart: an Advent Meditation

When Constantine entered Rome on October 29, 312 after the battle of Melvian Bridge, after what was essentially his conversion to Christianity following a vision of the cross, he staged a grand arrival ceremony in the city called an adventus, whereat the conquering king was met with popular jubilation. The party lasted for weeks. Finally,…

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