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Rev Dr Kyle Hughes

The Rev. Dr. Kyle Hughes serves as an assisting deacon and director of catechesis at Christ the King Anglican Church (REC-ACNA) in Marietta, GA. An accomplished researcher and author in the fields of church history and Christian education, his most recent book is "Teaching for Spiritual Formation: A Patristic Approach to Christian Education in a Convulsed Age" (Cascade, 2022). He and his wife, Karisa, live in Powder Springs, GA with their three young children. Follow him at or on Twitter @KyleRHughes10.


Anglican Confirmation for Suspicious Evangelicals Pt2

In this two-part article, I am offering a case study in how the Confirmation process can be used to advance the efforts of traditional Anglicans in helping what I am calling “suspicious evangelicals” deeper into the Anglican Way. In the first part, I introduced “Rick” (a composite of many of our parishioners) as the kind…


Anglican Confirmation for Suspicious Evangelicals Pt1

The work of catechizing believers is a central task of the Church in every generation. In this present moment, in which many evangelicals and non-denominational Christians are moving towards more historic and liturgical expressions of the Faith, traditional Anglican churches have an opportunity–and a challenge–in catechizing these newcomers. While the task of catechesis is (ideally)…

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