Articles by Jared Henderson, PhD

Jared Henderson, PhD

Jared Henderson is a writer based in Austin, TX. He holds a PhD in Philosophy from the University of Connecticut.

Book Review: Baptists and the Christian Tradition

Baptists and the Christian Tradition: Toward an Evangelical Baptist Catholicity. Editors Matthew Y. Emerson, Christopher W. Morgan, R. Lucas Stamps. Nashville, TN: B&H Academic, 2020. 400 pp. A number of Protestant traditions are engaged in renewal projects. The North American Anglican is a publication dedicated to the renewal of Anglican tradition, and organizations such as…

Against the Liturgical Optimists

Within American Christianity, and especially within American evangelicalism, we have seen a rise of interest in liturgy. Taking a quick look at InterVarsity Press’s site, one finds recent titles such as The Liturgy of Creation, Liturgy of the Ordinary, and The Liturgy of Politics. At Conciliar Post, Wesley Walker has compiled a list of articles…

Telling God’s Story: A Review of The Foolishness of God by J. Brandon Meeks

Editor’s Note: While The Foolishness of God is published by The North American Anglican Press, this review was submitted independently, and it was not solicited by the journal. J. Brandon Meeks, The Foolishness of God: Reclaiming Preaching in the Anglican Tradition. Omaha, NB: The North American Anglican, 2020. Vii+207 pp. Paperback $14.99. Near the end…

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