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James Bryson

James Bryson is a Humboldt Fellow in the Catholic Theology Faculty at the Ludwig Maximilian's University in Munich where he is writing a history of love in the tradition of Christian Platonism. Previously Dr. Bryson has held positions at McGill and Cambridge. He is the author of The Christian Platonism of Thomas Jackson (Peeters, 2016) and editor of The Religious Philosophy of Roger Scruton (Bloomsbury, 2016).

A Vision of Christian Platonism

I saw a writer I admire recently claim that book reviews only serve two purposes: they either provide the reviewer with an opportunity to preen, or else they are the occasion for the reviewer to protect his territory. The upshot: do not trust a review, just read the book. Good common sense, I’m sure, but…

The Beauty of Holiness

Catholic Christians believe that the church is the visible presence of the mystical body of Christ on earth. The church mediates between God and his creatures because in our current condition we are not able to endure the presence of God himself unmediated. Scripture tells us that on two very important occasions – in the…

Roger Scruton: A Brief Personal History of a Great Man

The Anglican Church is a strange beast. Like any church she has a history she cannot shake, one that includes murky beginnings, fraught worldly loyalties, and spiritually dubious leadership. Yet, this history is one rooted equally in courageous witness, ingenious political compromise, and remarkable cultural and spiritual achievements. Among these is the space and nourishment…

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