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J. Brandon Meeks

J. Brandon Meeks is a writer, studio musician, and Christian scholar. He serves his local parish as Theologian-in-Residence. He received his PhD. from the University of Aberdeen, Scotland. He is also a fan of Alabama football, the blues, and cheese. He blogs regularly at

A Canterbury Tale

Johnson was raised as a Baptist. By which I mean he was born in Georgia to parents who held a strong conviction against baptizing any infant who had not at least been to Vacation Bible School. Like most Baptist boys, he was a good Christian until round about the time he got his driver’s license….

Pulpits Ablaze

St. John, in rapturous prose, takes us to the heights of the transcendent mystery in three, short, stabbing syllables when he writes, “God is love” (1 Jn. 4:16). This is no mere philosophical speculation concerning metaphysics; no, these gilded words evidence the inestimable value of the knowledge of God rightly appreciated. The Apostle declares that…

Brothers, We Are Not Marcionites

As part of the release of The Foolishness of God, we are running a series of articles by J. Brandon Meeks. The Old Testament is dying. Or so says Brent Strawn.[1] I tend to agree with his diagnosis. In many of our parishes, it is already time for a toe-tag. Someone said to me recently, “I…

Christmas as High Defiance

We watch the trees die every year. They shed. They imitate the sunset and pile their darkness in the yard. It is a thick darkness that you can sit in, lie in, fall in. And it smells. Those leaves, the windblown evidence of death and dying, come down with scent. It is the smell of…

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